As a supplier of automotive Electricity-Sensor, BOC can provide you with Electricity-Sensor products for various vehicle models.

The main products of Electricity-Sensor include:Coolant Level Switch,Temperature Sensor,Oil Level Sensor,Oxygen Sensor,Wheel Speed Sensor,Crankshaft Sensor,Pressure Sensor,Throttle Position Sensor,Knock Sensor,Odometer Sensor,Camshaft Sensor,Oil Pressure Sender Unit,Ignition Pulse Sensor,Distance Sensor

You can find your needed product through the Electricity-Sensor product category or OE number on this website.

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Knock Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Knock Sensor
Oil Level Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Oil Level Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Throttle Position Sensor
Odometer Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Odometer Sensor
Coolant Level Switch BOC 300x300.jpg
Coolant Level Switch
Wheel Speed Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Wheel Speed Sensor
Camshaft Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Camshaft Sensor
Temperature Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Temperature Sensor
Ignition Pulse Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Ignition Pulse Sensor
Auto 52934 D4100 OEM TPMS Car Parts Tyre Pressure Sensor for Hyundai 300x300.jpg
Pressure Sensor
Distance Sensor BOC 300x300.jpg
Distance Sensor
Crankshaft Position Sensor 300x300.jpg
Crankshaft Sensor
Auto Parts Oxygen Sensor for Toyota Highlander 89465 48250 300x300.jpg
Oxygen Sensor
Oil Pressure Sender Unit BOC 300x300.jpg
Oil Pressure Sender Unit